Asia Trip 2016 | Krabi, Thailand

After Cambodia and Chiang Mai, the three of us went straight to Krabi for some beach time! The beaches there are incredible and because Krabi is at the south side of Thailand, it was ridiculously hot in comparison to Chiang Mai, and probably hotter than Siem Reap! Sunsets at the Aonang Beach is superb. We got there the first day and started walking towards to beach while waiting for Graham to arrive and by the time we hit the beach, we saw the most magnificent sunset. The sky was like a light purple colour and the long tail boats there definitely helped set the scene.

We ended up staying at the modern BlueSotel (brand new hotel) and ditched the place that we had originally booked because it had an insane ant problem! Like huge black ants were crawling everywhere outside the suite and they would come inside too! I do not want to wake up with rows of ants crawling on my pillow, EW!
Krabi_Thailand_Photo Krabi_Thailand_Photo Krabi_Thailand_Photo Krabi_Thailand_Photo

We checked out Phi Phi Islands but no photos from my DSLR because I didn’t want to risk bringing it onto the boat. Good thing I had my iPhone! (see iPhone snaps here)

We did go to the Tiger Cave Temple and this was well worth it!

Krabi_Thailand_Tiger_Temple_Cave_Photo Krabi_Thailand_Tiger_Temple_Cave_Photo Krabi_Thailand_Tiger_Temple_Cave_Photo Krabi_Thailand_Tiger_Temple_Cave_Photo Krabi_Thailand_Tiger_Temple_Cave_Photo Krabi_Thailand_Tiger_Temple_Cave_Photo

Yes you read that right, 1,237 STEPS to the top! And they were not small steps like steps up the CN Tower climb, the steps here kept varying in height! Some where half a foot tall and some where over a foot tall! Pretty dangerous too if you’re not careful. Hiking up in my Birkenstocks, selfie stick in one hand and MkIII around my neck wasn’t the smartest idea, not to mention that it was 40C and the only day that I decided to not wear my dry fits and gave my water to Sam.


Yup…pretty darn steep, so steep that Sam turned back after 100 steps and decided to take my water and waited for us at the bottom.  Oh Sam…


It took me a good 45mins to make it to the top and here I am! YAY! Really really well worth it…now if only I had water…

Krabi_Thailand_Tiger_Temple_Cave_Photo Krabi_Thailand_Tiger_Temple_Cave_PhotoKrabi_Thailand_Tiger_Temple_Cave_Photo Krabi_Thailand_Tiger_Temple_Cave_PhotoKrabi_Thailand_Tiger_Temple_Cave_Photo

And Graham made it up in no time, he was really well rested when I got to the top. Krabi_Thailand_Tiger_Temple_Cave_PhotoKrabi_Thailand_Tiger_Temple_Cave_PhotoKrabi_Thailand_Tiger_Temple_Cave_Photo

Next stop, BLUE POOL! Like..legit blue! Kinda tempted to go in, but swimmers were forbidden! It was a good 1.5KM walk just to see this little blue pool.

Blue_Pool_Krabi_Photo Blue_Pool_Krabi_Photo Blue_Pool_Krabi_Photo

And last stop, HOT STREAM! It’s a natural hot springs with a billion people in it.  Had to really really wait it out in order to get this shot of just Sam alone. Wait I lied, should have cropped this better because there’s the head of a lady at the bottom left corner, darn it!

Krabi_Thailand_Hot_Stream_Photo Krabi_Thailand_Hot_Stream_PhotoKrabi_Thailand_Hot_Stream_Photo

Will I go back to Krabi…hmm…I think I will choose Chiang Mai over Krabi if I was given a choice. Chiang Mai is a bit more lively and more untouched. Phi Phi Island and the beaches here were really nice, but it was just completely over crowded. Don’t be fool by the post cards, because as you are taking the photo, there at least 1000 tourist standing next to and behind you trying to fight for the same shot!

Next stop, HONG KONG!

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