Heirloom Wedding Albums

It is so important to have your wedding images displayed, perhaps in prints in wall art or even in an album.  My personal fave is to have images displayed in an album form so I can take it with me to show it to my parents, display it on a coffee table or even just keep it as a keepsake so I can share this with future generations.  The two albums showcased below is called the Heirloom albums because it is something that you want to hold onto forever.  The quality and make is just out of this world!


When ordering an Heirloom album, all you have to do is select your images, finalize the layout with me, and lastly select cover style and paper style. It’s super simple!


For covers, you can choose between a variety of colours (both leathers and silks).  And for paper, it’s either a matte textured finish or a smooth finish.  Take a look at the samples below to see which album you like best!


The images below shows a black 12×12″ album with a silk cover, it gives it a very contemporary and modern look.

Queensberry_Wedding_AlbumQueensberry_Wedding_Album Queensberry_Wedding_Album Queensberry_Wedding_AlbumQueensberry_Wedding_AlbumQueensberry_Wedding_AlbumQueensberry_Wedding_AlbumQueensberry_Wedding_AlbumQueensberry_Wedding_Album Queensberry_Wedding_Album


I love this textured matte paper stock! It’s so different and has a very modern feel to it.  I personally prefer a matte paper over a lustre paper stock but that’s just me 🙂



When selecting this paper stock, we just need to make sure that no faces are placed in the middle of the spread as there is a gutter that goes down the middle.  If I didn’t mention it, you probably didn’t even noticed :).




Here is a good example of the size difference between a 10×10″ album (blue cover) and a 12×12″ album (black cover).   In the blue album, the paper stock is a smooth paper with a lustre finish, giving it a very timeless and classic look. Paired with a powder blue leather cover, it gives it a very modern spin!Queensberry_Wedding_Album Queensberry_Wedding_Album Queensberry_Wedding_Album Queensberry_Wedding_AlbumQueensberry_Wedding_Album Queensberry_Wedding_AlbumQueensberry_Wedding_AlbumQueensberry_Wedding_AlbumQueensberry_Wedding_Album Queensberry_Wedding_Album Queensberry_Wedding_Album Queensberry_Wedding_Album Queensberry_Wedding_AlbumQueensberry_Wedding_Album


Feel free to contact me if you want to learn more about our products!


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