Jenn & Kevin | Family Photography with Dogs

Family photography with dogs are my favourite kind of family photos, simply because I have a dog myself!  I had such a great time photographing the cutest family with their fur baby, Croquette the Corgi!  This adorable corgi family even let me test out shooting film on them too!  I think it’s pretty obvious that their pup stole the show.  The photoshoot took place in the comfort of their own home, right before their big move to a new and shinier home!  Croquette was so well behaved during the shoot, and he gave me the most photogenic face ever!  I mean, just look at his smile!  Totally can’t say no to that puppy face!


Congrats Jenn and Kevin from Hello Inspira and Croquette on your new home! I can’t wait to come and visit you guys soon!

Corgi Family PhotosOMG! Look at his face and those puppy eyes! No wonder Corgis are called the happiest dogs in the world!

Corgi Family Photos
Corgi Family Photos
Corgi Family PhotosFamily Photography with Dogs

We found this beautiful tree at a park close to their home, and I couldn’t resist this framing! Corgi Family Photos

Corgi Family Photos
Corgi Family Photos
Corgi Family Photos

Toronto Destination Wedding Photographer: Rhythm Photography
Makeup: Velsie Mak
Camera Gear: Mamiya 645AF, Fuji 400h
Scanned by: Canadian Film Laboratory

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