Asia Trip 2016 | iPhone Photos

I figured I should share a few more images from my Asia Trip! Couldn’t lug my DSLR out everywhere so there were so many moments that I captured on my iPhone. So here they are!

First time riding a TukTuk in Cambodia and it was pretty darn scary at first! There are no lanes in Cambodia and three traffic lights in total in all of Siem Reap, crazy! People were just turning left and right without stopping and it was pretty nuts! Our tourguide Abi not only runs a tourguiding business in the morning but he also runs a bar out of his van at night! He’s so hard working! The image in the bottom middle is actually a make shift gas station for mot0r bikes.  Read about the awesomeness of Angkor Wat and Cambodia here!



One of the first things we did when we arrived in Chiang Mai was to go to the Elephant Sanctuary. We went to this one sanctuary called Toto’s Elephant Training and it was definitely the best experience ever! We got to feed the elephants, ride them bare back through the jungle and bathe them! Though, I really didn’t want to bathe them at all because once the elephants stepped into the water they poo’ed! Like, huge chunks of poo started floating towards us! It was pretty gross! But regardless, best excursion ever!


Once I got to Thailand, I was on a mission to finding myself some authentic Thai Iced Tea! And I finally found THE ONE! We were just walking around the main squared and hit up one of these small road side restaurants. For less than $2, I got this huge Thai Iced tea and it was the best thing ever! The guy took a good 15 mins just to make the drink from scratch! I really need to find out how to make this! And the mango sticky rice, wwwooowwwwwwwwwww! We didn’t book any excursions, aside from the Elephant Sanctuary before heading to Chiang Mai. So once we arrived we booked some local tours to explore the area. Honestly, I wish we had done better research before come here. Read about Chiang Mai’s tourist traps here so you can avoid the same mistakes as us!


After Chiang Mai, we headed off to Krabi in southern Thailand. So so so beautiful there, especially the Phi Phi Islands! Wish I could have brought my camera to the island but iPhone photos will have to do! The water is so turquoise and the little islands are gorgeous! Though this place was mad packed with tourists! See more of this beautiful place here

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