About Anita

HELLO! Thanks for stopping by! If you are looking to read all about how I got started in Wedding Photography, then you’re out of luck! I really don’t want to put you to sleep with my boring background but instead I’ll leave you with some random facts about me!

I was the nerd that collected Dragonball cards (that’s right, not Sailormoon)! I’m secretly waiting for the day when those cards will be worth a fortune!

I love the smell of lavender….and chlorine at swimming pools.

Ninety percent of the images on my phone are of my toy poodle, MOJO (Instagram @mojo_toypoodle)! I Facetimed him every night when I was away and I threw him a birthday party.  I’m the definition of Crazy Dog Lady.

Tea over coffee (Buddha’s Blend from David’s Tea – YUM!)

I’m a snowboarder, not a skier.  I’m up for a race anytime, but somehow getting off the ski lift scares me every time.

I ate a guinea pig once when I was in Peru (apparently it’s their delicacy)! Instant regret! I guarantee you that it was a sewer rat because it had seven fingers!!

Special thanks to my awesome possum, Jenn from Hello Inspira, for my profile photo!


A huge huge huge thank you goes to Derek Chan Films for putting together this unreal behind the scenes video of me in action in Bali, Indonesia!

About Rhythm

Getting to know our clients is the best part of our job; we enjoy listening to their engagement stories and building an everlasting friendship. We want you to have the best time of your life on your wedding day as we transcribe your moments into story telling images for you to share with your generations onwards. We strive for the perfect combination of contemporary elegance and romantic style. Everyone deserves to have their wedding creatively documented; our goal is not to be just their photographer, we want to be their storyteller.


You may have come across our work from the publications below.


 My Travel Bucket List

I have photographed weddings and other assignments in Bali, Greece, Iceland, the Caribbean, Caribbean Cruises, Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, etc.,  There are so many more places I would love to visit. Please get in touch with me for more info about the Travel Bucket List pricing.

Norway (will be there Aug 29 – Sep 6, 2017)
Italy (will be there Oct 9-19, 2017)

Let’s get in touch and celebrate these joyous moments together!